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The 4 Most Popular Tesla Upgrades

Tesla owners! Whether you are thinking about adding some tint to your windows and protection to your Model 3’s interior and paint, or just a bit of customisation to really make it your own, here is the guide for you.

We’ve tinted and protected thousands of Teslas for their fastidious owners. So, we’ve broken down the 4 Most Popular Tesla Upgrades for you. 

Here are the most common things new owners like to do to their Teslas:

  1. Window Tinting
  2. Paint Protection Film
  3. Ceramic Paint Coating
  4. Interior Protection

Let’s take a look at each of these and why you should consider Tint Haus to care for and protect your Tesla.

#1 Get Your Model 3 Windows Tinted

Why Consider Window Tinting For Your Tesla?

Teslas have a beautiful minimalist modern look – which is partly achieved by curving front and rear panoramic screens that curve up into the roof.

Unfortunately, this glass expanse is less enjoyable in the Australian climate. With temperatures regularly in the high 30s and 40s, your car needs as much protection from the sun as possible.

This is why one of the most commonly requested upgrades is our Premium Ceramic Film which reduces 87% of Infrared Red heat transmission along with 62% of Total Solar Energy, resulting in a significant and noticeable reduction in cabin cooling temperatures.

Read our article on 7 Awesome Reasons to tint your Car Windows for more ideas. 

Tesla Model 3 Window Tinting Risks

There is an inherent risk associated with tinting the panoramic rear screen on Tesla Model 3s.

The rear screen on your vehicle extends into the panoramic roof in all one piece and so the glass in this section is laminated to strengthen the process.

The concern is, there are risks associated with tinting laminated glass as tinting this type of glass can cause what is known as thermal stress resulting in cracking.

The tint that we use on the rear window however, is a heat reflective film as opposed to one that absorbs heat. To date, of the thousands of Tesla rear screens we have tinted, not one has cracked.

Tint Haus Window Tint

All Tint Haus window films are manufactured in the United States to the highest industry standards and have undergone testing and certification locally by the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency. 

 All of our options come with a lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, lifting and discolouration. We have two options for Tesla Window tinting:

High Quality Carbon Film

 Our entry-level high-quality carbon film is colour stable and polyester-based, and is guaranteed for life not to fade or discolour. It also does not disrupt radio or cellular transmissions.

The film itself is a deep charcoal black colour making it a good match to factory privacy glass. The film also rejects up to 42% of Total Solar Energy.

Premium Ceramic Film

 Our high-end window film is our Premium Ceramic range which again is colour stable, polyester based and black in colour. In addition, our Premium Ceramic film is constructed with a state-of-the-art Nano-Ceramic layer ensuring unparalleled Heat rejection and aesthetics.

Independent tests confirm industry-leading results of 99.9% UV rejection along with a protection factor rating of 500 + (SPF). This ensures your vehicle interior and most importantly you and your family remain protected from the harsh Australian sun whilst driving – an absolute must in Summer.

#2 Add Paint Protection Film (PPF) To Your Tesla

Why Consider Paint Protection Film For Your Tesla?

Paint Protection Films keep your paint factory-perfect for longer: protecting against fading, chipping, chemical damage from the environment. This is perfect for your Tesla which is likely to be your daily driver.

Some PPF products can even self-heal in sunlight (see below), reducing the visual impact of chipping, scuffing and moderate scratches.

The clean Tesla look is easily marred by minor scrapes, so anything that prevents this is worth considering.

Tint Haus Paint Protection Film

At Tint Haus we have a true understanding of the high expectations of our fastidious customers and deliver the highest quality finish every time.

We use only the finest Paint Protection Films available such as Suntek, Hexis, Premium Shield along with STEK and have direct relationships with the manufacturers.

The films we use are specifically designed for Euro prestige and Supercars and unlike other cheaper films on the market do not yellow or fade over time.

 The other advantage of the type of PPF products we use is that they have a self-healing top coat which offers resistance to stone chips, environmental staining, scuffing and light to moderate scratching. The films literally self-heal when exposed to heat such as that from the sun (watch video).

Perfect for when you “over” polish your Tesla or drive a bit too close to that bush!

The Suntek Reaction product has an additional built-in Ceramic Coating layer which reduces contamination and makes cleaning a lot easier. Suntek Reaction comes with a 12-year warranty, while all other products come with a 10-warranty providing coverage against: yellowing, fading, peeling or lifting. 

We thoroughly recommend the US manufactured Suntek Reaction PPF for Teslas as the optical clarity and all-round performance is far better than all other films available on the market.

#3 Add Ceramic Paint Protection To Your Model 3

Why Consider Ceramic Paint Coating For Your Model 3?

Whether you bought a Model 3 to reduce your gas bills, save the planet, or just because it is an awesome car, chances are you want to keep it looking great for even longer.

A ceramic coating not only keeps your Model 3’s paint looking fantastic – by reducing UV damage and minimising the impact of abrasive chemicals – it also stays cleaner for longer – reducing the number of car washes required. Read Our Article on Ceramic Paint Protection

Tint Haus Ceramic Paint Coating

The paint product we use, The Tint Haus Diamond Ceramic is manufactured in the UK and has been tested and proven to 10H making it the toughest coating on the market. The Tint Haus Ceramic coating is also resistant to light scratching and scuffs.

The other key benefit of the Tint Haus Ceramic coating is that it comes supplied with a lifetime warranty against damage caused by environmental factors – bird/bat droppings, tree sap, water marks and paint fade/oxidisation.

Before we apply the Ceramic Coat to your Tesla, we ensure that the surface is perfectly prepared with: 

  • Full pressure wash
  • Clay decontamination 
  • Stage 2 buff paint correction 

Then we apply a layered coating on all paint surfaces 3 times, treat your alloy wheels, as well as the Windows and chrome dressings.

Finally, all painted surfaces are cured under IR heat lamps in our state-of-the-art custom-built facilities.

Nothing leaves Tint Haus unless it is perfect.

#4 Add Interior Protection To You Tesla

Why Add Interior Protection For Your Model 3?

If you own a Model 3, you plan on using it. And it is a sad fact of life that no matter how careful you are, at some point there will be stains, spills, and dirt all over your beloved car.

This is especially true when you’ve a young family, or you yourself get mucky.

Not to mention general wear and tear from keys in pockets, pens, money, and all the other paraphernalia of modern life being tossed around on your seats.

Not convinced? Here are 6 Reasons to add interior protection to your Tesla.

Tint Haus Interior Protection

The Tint Haus interior protection consists of leather, fabric, vinyl and plastic coatings specially formulated using co polymer technology.

All our interior coatings are non-silicone based, so there is no greasy residue left on the surfaces after application. The products are also odour free – so your Tesla still has that cherished new car smell!

 The interior coatings offer lifetime warranty against staining caused by food and drink spills, along with cracking and splitting caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Our Tesla Protection Package Options

While all of our services are available individually and in almost any combination, most of our Tesla clients choose one of our standard packages.

Since many of our packages require several days of work to complete, we have Complimentary loan vehicles available for your convenience.

Option 1. Tint Haus Platinum Protection Package:

The Tint Haus Platinum Protection package is the most comprehensive way to protect your Tesla. The Full vehicle PPF will ensure your paintwork on your vehicle remains free of stone chips, scratches and abrasions, while the 10H Ceramic coating offers unparalleled hydrophobicity along with maximising gloss levels to ensure the PPF and paint work remain protected for life.

The Premium Ceramic Tint and Full Interior Protection ensures your interior is safe, cool and free of damage caused by UV degradation (as well as family and friends).

  • Suntek Ultra Full Vehicle PPF
  • Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Coating
  • Tint Haus Full Vehicle Ceramic Tint with Panoramic Rear
  • Tint Haus Interior Protection

Option 2. Tint Haus Ultimate Protection Package:

We offer a best of both worlds service in which we apply the Suntek Ultra PPF to the entire front end of the vehicle along with the 10H Ceramic Coating to the remainder of the vehicle.

This way you are not compromising on protection with the front end (impact zone) fully protected with the PPF and the rest of your Model 3 is protected against environmental factors.

And of course Premium Ceramic Tint and Full Interior Protection is also included.  

  • Full Front PPF
  • Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Coating
  • Tint Haus Full Vehicle Ceramic Tint with Panoramic Rear
  • Tint Haus Interior Protection

Option 3. Tint Haus Premium Ceramic Package:

Finally, our very popular Tint Haus Premium Ceramic Package offers all-inclusive protection for the inside and out at a very attractive price point.

 This ensures Protection against environmental factors, UV degradation and staining, while ensuring you are cool and safe from the sun’s harmful rays while driving.

  • Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Coating
  • Tint Haus Full Vehicle Ceramic Tint with Panoramic rear
  • Tint Haus Interior Protection

Why Choose Tint Haus To Customise & Protect Your Tesla?

The Tint Haus Difference

We’ve protected 1000s of Tesla’s in and around Sydney. The single reason Tesla owners put their trust in us is the Tint Haus Difference.

We pride ourselves on the level of perfection that we deliver (and that our clients rightly expect).

That is why we built our state-of-the-art facility equipped with incredible lighting along with infrared curing lamps – all to ensure an unmatched level of quality and service commitment.

Take a look at recent PPF treatments and package results on Facebook and Instagram. which showcase the level of perfection we pride ourselves upon and deliver.

Get in touch to see what package is right for your Tesla.


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