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You have just purchased your dream car and are now exploring the best way to protect it. 

The best and most comprehensive way to protect your vehicle is Paint Protection Film (or PPF as it is known). Choosing the right PPF installer is a very difficult decision with all sorts of conflicting information out there.

Here are 6 hacks to help you determine which PPF Installer to choose:

#1 Reputation

The single most important element when it comes to selecting your provider is finding one with a good reputation. 

In this modern and connected world that we live in, information at your fingertips is your best friend. 

The reality is that clients do not tolerate substandard workmanship – and neither should you. A quick google search and a browse of social media reviews will quickly sort the truly excellent from the mediocre.

Make sure they showcase plenty of completed jobs along with the model and the type of work done.

Always do your diligence and check out what others say, it could save you a lot of heartache along with your hard earned money!

#2 Experience & Training

The installer’s level of experience is crucial to providing you with the right finish – going with the new kid on the block would not be the best option when it comes to achieving a high quality finish. 

Before committing to the job, ask what training and certifications the installation technicians have. 

Opt to go with established installers that have experience working on all vehicle makes and models.

#3 Quality Products

There are many PPF options available on the market, the quality in the film can vary greatly so it’s always important to go with a reputable product to deliver a long lasting finish. 

The market leaders in the world of PPF are brands such as Suntek, Xpel, STEK and Hexis. 

Stay away from the lesser known cheaper films on the market as they are unproven and will likely lift and discolour over a much shorter period of time. Cheaper films are also likely to suffer poor optical clarity, little working life, marred performance and a short warranty period.

In contrast, market leading The Suntek Reaction PPF, comes with an industry leading 12 year warranty and has a built in Ceramic Coating layer making it 25% easier to clean and maintain than other films on the market.

So, take the time to confirm whether the installer uses the latest and best products available on the market.

#4 Price Point

Ever heard of the saying, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is? Well, the same can be said for PPF installations. 

A high quality finish takes time and with more time comes a higher charge. 

There are plenty of butchers out there that will take your money, do a botch job and run –  leaving you with a less than satisfying result and the likelihood of having to pay again to do it properly.

#5 Environment

A high quality PPF installation can only be achieved with a suitable and purpose-built environment. 

The installation environment should have a bright and well lit area with saturated lighting. The dust-free installation studio must be away from any draughts or windflow and be meticulously clean.

Looking for the best possible PPF finish and fit? Stay away from mobile applicators and back yard operators where dust, dirt and wind will leave you with a subpar result.

#6 Coverage

The difference between an average PPF fitment and a great one is often measured by the level of coverage.

Skilled and seasoned installers use plotting machines to computer cut out kits for your vehicle and will oversize them to wrap around all possible edges.

In addition, they will remove door handles, mouldings and badges before applying PPF.

Remember, fewer edges mean a better finish with more coverage and less chance of lifting.

A professional PPF fitment will look as though it was put on at the factory. It should be totally seamless, smooth and defect-free.

The Tint Haus Difference

We pride ourselves on what we call the Tint Haus difference – with our state-of-the-art facility equipped with incredible lighting along with infrared curing lamps to ensure an unmatched level of quality and service commitment.

See some photographs of recent PPF treatments carried out in our studio which showcase the level of perfection we pride ourselves upon.


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