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The Truth About Ceramic Paint Protection

Wouldn’t you love to retain that new car look for years? There is just something magical about light reflecting on a fresh coat of paint. Luckily, automotive ceramic coating can help you retain that showroom shine. Here is a closer look at how ceramic coating works, why you should use it on your car, plus a bit of myth-busting.

What Is Ceramic Paint Protection?

Ceramic paint protection is a convenient way of helping your car look better for longer. Your vehicle will be shielded from various environmental hazards without repeated application and maintenance. 

While old-school coatings were polymer-based, modern paint protection formulations are much more effective. Tint Haus, for example, uses a silica-based (Si02) ceramic coating. These are applied by hand to the exterior of the vehicle. Once in place, the coating bonds with the clear coat of the car’s factory paint and creates another layer of protection. The bond between the paint and the coating is either permanent or semi-permanent. It won’t wash away or break down over time, and there is no need for re-application. 

Tint Haus Protection Is Special

The strength of ceramic coatings has a huge influence on the level of protection your car will have. Most ceramic coatings offer a hardness between 4 or 7H. At Tint Haus, we only use UK-manufactured Caiman ceramic coatings. 

These products beat the hardness rating of any competitor – hands down. 

As the toughest ceramic paint protection product on the market, they have been certified to 10H hardness. Professionally cured under infrared heat lamps, the protection even comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Add Ceramic Protection To Your Car

1. Maintain resale value

If you have just bought a new car, resale value may not be your first consideration. However, looks matter when you come to consider selling your car. Protecting its exterior is just as important as looking after the engine and will make a difference to the resale price you achieve.

In other words, if there is a possibility that you’ll sell your car in the next few years, you will likely be better off adding ceramic paint protection. The additional sale price will most likely exceed the cost of adding ceramic protection.

1. Protect your paint from UV radiation

As much as we love the sun, protecting our skin from UV rays has become part of everyday life. But did you know that the exterior of your car is just as susceptible to damage from strong sunshine and UV radiation?

Sunlight can cause factory paint to oxidise. Over time, the colour fades prematurely, and the finish is simply not the same anymore. Tint Haus ceramic coatings are effectively sunscreen for your car.

3. Keep your car cleaner for longer

Ceramic coatings make it difficult for dirt to stick. Your car may not be cleaning itself quite yet, but it will appear cleaner for longer. This saves you time and money for regular car care.

4. Protect your paint from abrasive chemicals

We don’t think of bird droppings or rain as chemicals, but both are acidic and have the potential to damage your car’s exterior. Even hard water with a relatively high mineral content will start to diminish your vehicle’s factory shine. 

Over time, these chemicals are likely to eat through the paintwork and may start to damage it permanently if not removed quickly.

Adding an additional ceramic protective layer prevents this.

5. Reduce the chance of rust

Damage to the paintwork is not the only problem caused by abrasive chemicals. As the paintwork weakens, it becomes easier for rust to take hold. As a consequence, the damage to your vehicle is no longer just cosmetic. Substantial amounts of rust cause structural damage to panels, leading to more costly repairs. 

Protective ceramic coatings help prevent this damage right from the start. Most are hydrophobic –  their glossy finish repels water more effectively than the factory paintwork does, leaving the water no chance to remain on the car and cause rust. As water runs off quickly, cars are also protected from mould damage.

Busting Myths About Ceramic Paint Protection

Myth #1 - I won’t have to wash my car anymore

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you never had to wash your car again? Unfortunately, ceramic coatings can’t quite achieve this yet, but the coating will make cleaning the car much easier. 

You not only benefit from saving time and money for car maintenance, but since the coating repels water, dirt, and other harmful substances, there is also rarely any need for forceful cleaning. 

As a consequence, your car is protected from unsightly swirl marks, and scratches that often come from vigorous car washing with brushes and clothes.

Myth #2 - My car will be immune to scratches

As much as the ceramic coating will protect your car, it does not make the paintwork 100% immune to scratches. 

Tint Haus coatings will help prevent swirl marks, caused by almost any washing or cleaning tool. However, they would not be able to resist a forceful scratch by a key, for example. You still need to look after your car, but the ceramic coating helps. 

Ceramic paint protection is an excellent way of helping your car retain its first-day, showroom shine. Not every ceramic coating is the same.

 The Caiman coating used by Tint Haus is stronger than its competitors, making it one of the best choices for your vehicle. Contact us today to find out more.


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