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6 Ways To Ease Your Eyes At Home & Work

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, if you sit near a window, glare is something you have to deal with.  

Sun glare can be distracting and even painful on your eyes at times.  It can even cause eye damage if you don’t take steps to fix the glare.  

We’ve come up with the top tips on how to reduce solar glare in your office.  These simple but effective tips will transform your working environment.  

Disability Glare vs Discomfort Glare

There are two types of glare that can affect your working space: disability glare and discomfort glare. 

According to the National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP), disability glare is “the reduction in visibility caused by intense light sources in the field of view while discomfort glare is the sensation of annoyance or even pain induced by overly bright sources.” 

Knowing what type of glare you’re suffering from will help you make the best choice in how to reduce the glare in your office.  

Why Reducing Office Glare is Important

Solar glare can lead to a number of serious health issues including blurred vision and headaches.  

It is important for both your health and productivity that you work in an environment free of solar glare and other elements that can harm your health.  

Easy Ways to Reduce Glare in Your Office

1. Install Blinds

One of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce the amount of glare in your office is installing blinds.  

With a quick pull of a string, you can shut out any glare sneaking into your office.  

The downside to blinds is that they shut out all the natural light coming into your office, and you have to rely solely on artificial light to light your office. 

2. Paint Your Walls a Bright Colour

If there is one wall or room in your house or office that has more sun glare than others, then painting it a bright colour may be the solution for you.  

Having bright coloured walls reduces the contrast between the solar glare and the wall.  This tricks your eyes into being less affected by the glare and making it less noticeable.  

In contrast, if your room is painted a dark colour, your eyes are automatically drawn to the dark wall, which makes the glare seem even more pronounced and dramatic.

3. Plant Trees and Plants Outside Your Window

Trees and plants are nature’s best way to protect your office from solar glare.  

By strategically planting trees and large bushes and flowers in front of the window you’re trying to stop the glare from entering, you can block out the harshest parts of the solar glare and add shade to your office.  

This is a great solution for people who want natural light in their office but are experiencing sun glare.

4. Install Awnings and Exterior Shades

Installing an awning or other form of exterior shade is another option for people who want to have natural light enter their office while removing solar glare.

Awnings are easy to install and help keep the window in your office shaded.  Depending on the size of window and type of awning, you may even be able to extend and retract it during the day.

This gives you the flexibility to let more natural light into your office when there is little to no glare and stop any glare from entering the office when it is affecting you and your work.

5. Bring in Plants and Other Decor

Another simple but effective way to reduce office glare is adding plants and other decor to your office in strategic places.

They can absorb some of the light and reduce glare while making your office stylish at the same time.

6. Cover Windows with Protective Tinted Film

Last but not least you can cover your windows with a protective tinted film.  

Tinted film gives you the best of both worlds.  You reduce solar glare by up to 90% while still allowing natural light into your office.  

Window Film Treatment By Tinthaus

Protective tinted film is cost effective, easy to maintain, and even helps keep some of the heat out of your office on hot days.  

We offer a vast range of market leading window tint options to suit your needs.  From home offices to commercial offices, we have the right option for you to reduce office glare and make your office environment more comfortable and glare-free.  

Request a quote now, and one of our highly-skilled team members will be in contact with you to find the perfect solution for you.  


Solar glare is a serious issue and can cause long-term health issues.  It is not an issue you should ignore or work through.  

The good news is that sun glare is easily fixed by making a few slight tweaks to your office environment. 


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