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There are many ceramic paint coating services in Sydney that claim to offer you a tough and durable finish.

However, not all of them are created equal. You’ll want to find a company that has an excellent reputation and track record and one that uses high-quality materials. If possible, check out reviews and examples of their work online.

Here we examine what Ceramic Paint coating is, what brand provides the most durable product, and where you can get this added to your car in Sydney.

What Is Ceramic Paint Coating?

Ceramic paint protection is a convenient way of helping your car look better for longer, shielding your vehicle from various environmental hazards without repeated application and maintenance. 

At the most basic level, ceramic paint protection is a type of paint protection that uses ceramic particles to create a barrier between the paint and the environment. Ceramic paint protection is designed to protect the paint from UV rays, environmental contaminants, and abrasion.

While old-school coatings were polymer-based, modern paint protection formulations are much more effective. Tint Haus, for example, uses a silica-based (Si02) ceramic coating. These are applied by hand to the exterior of the vehicle. Once in place, the coating bonds with the clear coat of the car’s factory paint and creates another layer of protection. The bond between the paint and the coating is either permanent or semi-permanent. It won’t wash away or break down over time, and there is no need for re-application.

What is the Toughest Brand of Ceramic Paint Coating in Sydney?

Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating is the toughest rated paint coating available. It is tested and certified to 10H – the hardest rating attainable.

Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating consists of a ceramic base that utilises a very strong – (Me2)Si-N- backbone. The hard 10H layer and the strong backbone gives this coating easy cleaning properties. 

This means it does not interact with other bonds including: Dirt, oils, soot, acids, water, pollen, bird fouling, rubber debris and strong pH car wash detergents.

Not only does Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating resist environmental damage, it modifies the surface chemistry of the paint metal and plastic, making it more inert and hydrophobic.

In other words, it provides superior exterior protection against solvents, sunlight, acid rain, tree sap, spillages and staining. It is also exceptionally hard-wearing, making it ideal for protecting against even the harshest weather. 

In addition, it helps the vehicle stay looking cleaner for longer by easing the removal of dirt and grime.

Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating Warranty

If you have Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating on your car, you are covered by a lifetime warranty as long as you own the car. All you need to do is take reasonable care of it. 

This is the only warranty of its kind that does not require you to do anything after the initial application, unless your car is damaged or you get new paint. 

You have to register and apply for the warranty through your Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating dealer. 

Have questions about the Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating Warranty? Contact Tint Haus.

Only Tint Haus Offers Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating

We pride ourselves on what we call the Tint Haus difference – with our state-of-the-art facility equipped with incredible lighting along with infrared curing lamps to ensure an unmatched level of quality and service commitment.

We’ve added Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating to 1000s of vehicles: from luxury cars, to newly purchased vehicles, to custom cars, to high-end racers.

If you care about the appearance of and longevity of your vehicle’s paint, you must consider Tint Haus 10H Ceramic Paint Coating.

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