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If you are considering expert car window tinting, you’re probably wondering how long it takes. You may have heard that most cars take about 1-2 hours to tint.

In reality it depends on the number of windows tinted. two-window tints typically take around 1 hour whereas a full tint can vary between 1.5 to 3 hours.

The most popular options are carbon tint and ceramic tint: both reject 99.9% of UV Rays. The major difference is that Ceramic also rejects 87% of infrared head as opposed to little to none with the Carbon-based tint.

Different types of window tint have almost no impact on installation time. 

Should I Tint ALL the Windows in My Car?

You may be thinking that you can get away with tinting the front two windows – especially if you already have privacy glass installed.

However, privacy glass does not reject heat, so it is still advisable to fit Ceramic coating (available in clear) to these windows as well.

Generally, Australia gets so hot in Summer that you should take as many measures to reduce interior heat as possible. Tinting all of your windows is a great way to start (and reduce your AC power consumption!).

Why Not Tint My Car Windows Myself?

DIY-ing your own window tint is a risky proposition: One, because the tools and materials involved require years of expertise to use effectively; and two, the environment can play havoc with the installation.


Professional tinting technicians require a couple of years of training to become accomplished tinters. In contrast, amateur window tint installation is more likely to end in disaster than success, especially if you don’t have a sufficient amount of experience working with tools and adhesives. 

Even if it looks like it went well at first, window tint that hasn’t been installed correctly can start to peel and blister.

In addition, automated car washes, power window regulators and other car features may not work correctly if the tint isn’t installed correctly.

Installation Environment

Finally, consider the environment where the tinting is applied. At home, even if installed in your garage – dust particles and dirt will interfere with the fit and finish. There is an excellent reason why expert tinters work out of dedicated studios with tightly-controlled clean rooms. This is the only way to provide a high-quality tint finish every time.

So, if you have a car you actually care about, think twice (at least!) before attempting DIY Car Window tinting.

Top 3 DIY Car Window Tinting Dangers

In our experience, DIY botch jobs fall into three categories: visibility issues, bubbles and incorrect application.

#1 - Poor Visibility

When tinting your own car windows, it is very easy to make them too dark. This can severely impair your ability to see out of your car windows, which can be extremely dangerous – especially when driving at night.

#2 - Bubbles

Air bubbles are another big problem with DIY car window tinting. These can make your windows look unsightly and can also interfere with your vision.

#3 - Incorrect Tinting

If you do not apply the tinting film correctly, it can peel off prematurely or start to bubble and wrinkle. This can not only ruin the look of your car windows, but can also be dangerous if the tinting film obscures your vision.

In our experience, poor installation can negate all the positive properties of even the highest quality window film or paint protection product. To achieve an exceptional outcome, every step of the process is crucial. That’s why at Tint Haus, we’re dedicated to making every detail count.

The Tint Haus Difference

Any window film job consists of three main elements: selection, pre-installation and installation. 

We place equal importance on each step. Here’s a closer look at the Tint Haus difference:

#1 - Selection

There’s a lot to consider when choosing window tints, and product quality is just one aspect. 

With years of experience and access to the newest technologies, we can recommend the tint product that will work best for you. 

Our team will sit down with you and ask some key questions in order to identify your needs and understand any concerns you might have. 

We take a consultative approach; this means we’ll make recommendations based on what will create the look, function and privacy you want, with the added benefit of protecting your investment. 

Once we’ve landed on the right product, we’ll know the ideal method for application, the tools we’ll need and the policies that will guide our work. Additionally, selecting the right product from the start will help ensure a cleaner and easier process during installation and removal.

#2 - Pre-Installation

Before applying any tint, our team spends time preparing your vehicle, truck or SUV to ensure there are no contaminants or imperfections beneath the product. 

Application problems arise when there is anything between the film and the glass or paint. Our process has been time-tested, eliminating the risk of any bubbles, streak or imperfections.

4. Protect your paint from abrasive chemicals

Delicate work requires delicate tools, which is why we use only the most advanced installation equipment. The products we offer require meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship and years of experience to master.

Without proper installation procedures and the right tools, your tinting won’t provide you with the benefits you’re looking for. We pay attention to every panel as we work, making sure that the installation is perfect.

Finally, after the job is done, our team works diligently to clean every square inch of your newly-tinted windows. 

We use count microfibre towels remove any residue created by the installation procedure. 

This way you know you can enjoy your window tint for years to come.

Car Window Tinting at Tint Haus

It can often be unclear how long it will take to have your car windows professionally tinted. At Tint Haus, we aim to make the process as quick and easy as possible for our customers. 

We will advise you on the best type of tint for your car and the level of tinting that is right for you.

Depending on the size and make of your car, it can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to tint your windows. At the time of booking, our consultants will advise on exactly how long it will take to tint your vehicle.

While we are carefully applying tint to your car windows, relax in our comfortable waiting lounge with wifi, free drinks and all amenities: get work done, chat with other car owners, or just chill!

Our high quality service has generated thousands of happy customers and 200 5/5 Reviews on Google & Facebook.

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