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Thinking About Paint Protection For Your Car?

Thinking about adding paint protection to your car?  If you own a high-end luxury car/supercar, or you have a classic that needs extra love, you should seriously consider investing in paint protection film (PPF) or ceramic paint protection.

Here’s what you need to know about protective coatings and films for cars, what your options are, how it’s done and what it can do for you.

What Is Paint Protection for Cars?

There are several kinds of protective options for cars.

Some are spray-on applications, others are a type of special ceramic paint protection, and some are Paint Protection Films (PPF).

All of these have different applications and offer different options, but they’re all designed to protect your paint against damage and extend the life of your car’s paint job. 

How Is Vehicle Paint Protection Applied?

It really depends on what kind of protection you choose for your car. 

Paint protective film or PPF is adhesive. It is carefully applied to a clean, dry paint surface. When installed professionally, automated machines known as plotters pre-cut the pieces, which are carefully applied panel by panel, trimmed and smoothed for a bubble-free look.

It is theoretically possible to do this yourself, but the internet and youtube is littered with videos and photos of failed DIY efforts. It takes years to be accomplished in applying PPF, which is why so few stores offer this service.

PPF is the ultimate way to protect your vehicle as it provides coverage against environmental factors along with stone chips, scratches and scrapes with an amazing self healing top coat embedded into the film, ensuring your vehicle remains stain and swirl free.

On the other hand, Ceramic Paint Protection is hand-applied. It bonds chemically with your paint coating, and is then cured under infrared heat lamps. Definitely not a DIY job!

Ceramic Paint Coating is a fantastic and cost effective way of permanently protecting your vehicle’s paint work against environmental factors and removing the need to wax and polish for life.

Should You Consider Adding Paint Protection To Your Car?

Professionally applied and high quality forms of paint protection are definitely a smart investment. Depending on the type and size of your car and the options you choose, you can expect to invest anything from hundreds of dollars to several thousand dollars. 

This investment is usually absolutely worth it if you are talking about:

1. New Cars

If you are purchasing a brand-new car, paint protection might be offered to you during the purchase process. 

It will add a little to the price, and it will take some extra time to apply, but it is highly recommended that you do opt for this protection. 

It can extend the paint lifespan of your car by several years, so it’s a great investment for new cars.

2. Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are another case where paint protection is a great choice.

Not only can it be difficult to match the colour of high-end cars exactly, but it can also be very expensive to get chips and scratches fixed if they do happen.

So protecting your paint job before it’s damaged is a great option. 

3. Super Cars and Custom Classic Cars

If you have a sports car or a classic car, it’s probably more than just a car to you.

It’s a hobby. A lifestyle. Something that you own and drive for enjoyment rather than just getting from A to B.

Whether you have standard paint or a custom paint job, protecting it with a ceramic coating or PPF is a great way to keep your baby looking great for longer. 

How Long Does Paint Protection Last?

It really depends on what kind of paint protection you choose, and how and where you drive your car. For example, with PPF you can generally expect to get at least ten years of service out of your protective film.

Professionally applied high-quality ceramic paint protection lasts even longer – potentially the lifetime of your car. 

If you drive your vehicle less frequently or on roads that have less loose gravel and other potential hazards, you might get more time than that too.

How Does Paint Protection Work?

All protective coatings for cars do the same thing: they create an extra barrier layer between your car’s paint and the external environment.

Some Paint protection films like SunTek, Hexis & Stek – have the ability to “self-heal” after deep scratches and stone chips – with the application of just the right amount of heat. See the amazing video of it in action!

On the other hand, while Ceramic paint protection generally won’t prevent damage from flying rocks and intentional key scratches, it does protect against bird/bat droppings, watermarks, paint fade, UV oxidisation, loss of gloss and tree sap.

All of which are elements that degrade the appearance and value of your c

Why Not DIY?

There are a lot of PPF and other anti-damage protective products on the market, but it’s the product quality, as well as the preparation and equipment that really makes the difference. 

Professional car protection specialists have dust free environments, quality preparation solutions and all the equipment necessary to ensure your vehicle’s paint is perfectly clean and ready for application. They also have the skill and equipment to perfectly apply your paint protection film or ceramic coating. 

When professionally applied, there will be no bubbles or imperfections in the coating. 

It’s simply not possible to get the same level of perfection when you install or apply this kind of product yourself. 

So while you might get a layer that adds some protection by going the DIY route, it probably won’t look as good, or last as long. 

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